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Open Ocean Camera

The Modern Underwater Camera Trap!

1-4 weeks of battery life

Easy smartphone app

Upto 2TB of storage memory

1080p images and videos

Upto 400m depth

The Open Source Underwater Camera for Marine Research

High resolution images and videos

Shoot images and videos at 1080p, with videos as fast as 20 frames per second

Wiper for camera front

Easily clean the algae growing on Open Ocean Camera's glass front by using our mobile app controlled wiper

Unleash the power of AI processing

Upload your data on the cloud and run our AI model to easily classify all aqautic species

Long Battery Life

Leave your camera underwater for upto 4 weeks with Open Ocean Camera's long battery life

Mount the camera upto 400m under the water

Order your camera with the mount today and easily put it under water

Multiple sensors to increase the data collection

Add extra sensors on your camera to collect more data points like pressure, depth, temperature, salinity, conductivity, pH and luminosity.

Get easy access via the mobile app

You can control Open Ocean camera from the comfort of your mobile phone. All tasks like capturing pictures, viewing live footage from the camera and updating your camera to have new features can be done using our mobile app

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