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OOCAM Hardware


200 Wh Basic Battery Pack

12 Days Battery Life



Extra Battery (200 Wh ~ 12 days)

OOCAM supports upto 2 Battery Packs


12.3 MP | 1080p Video

Sony IMX129 Sensor

Max Photo Resolution - 3280x2464

Video Resolution Options - 1080p30 | 720p60 | 640x480p90

Adjustable ISO, Shutter Speed & Capture Modes

Adjustable Focal Length of Lens

Subsea Light for Night Time Recording


Available Configurations - 256GB | 1TB | 2TB


Body Shell

Acrylic Tube

100m Rated Depth

Battery Indicator and Switch

400m Depth Tube Available

Hinged Mounting System

Adjustable Angled Mounting

Bio Mesh Kit

Antifouling Technology

Depth Sensor

BlueRobotics Bar100 Pressure Sensor

Measure upto 100 Bar at 1000m Depth

Depth Resolution of 3cm

400m Depth Tube Available

Temperature Sensor

BlueRobotics Celsius Temperature Sensor

Fast Response

±0.1°C accuracy

Luminosity Sensor

TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor

Measure Light Ranges from 0.1 - 40000+ Lux

Infrared & Full Spectrum diodes

Approximate Human Eye Response

Other Specifications

Tested60m for 3 weeks
Operating TemperatureMinimum-20°C/-4°F
WiFi / EthernetTransmission10/100 Ethernet
802.11n Wireless Frequency2.4GHz
CPUProcessorBroadcom VideoCore IV
1.2GHz GPU2.4GHz
RAMType1 GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz)
CPUTypeRaspian Jessie LINUX

Learn more about what makes the OOCAM revolutionary

Hardware Demo Videos

Camera Charging

Lens Adjustment

Memory Removal

Battery Interchange

Learn more about what makes the OOCAM revolutionary